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I’m getting my Masters in Music Business

All my life I’ve had a passion for learning and doing more. After being in the music and entertainment for 15 years, I’ve thought I learned it all but every day I am reminded of how much more there is to learn, which is why I made the decision to go back to school and get my M.A. in Music Business. Thats right, after a long day of being a business woman I make time to study and make sure I learn something new each day. I am proud to be returning and taking classes at the University of Miami in the beautiful city I grew up in. My mission is to be an example and show young girls that you can not just do one thing. You can be a business woman, you can be a student, you can do much more than just one thing. Consider donating If you want to support me in my mission to bringing more women to more positions of influence.

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