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I’m here to help you
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One of today's most prominent A&R's, Zoë Young has worked her way up both the creative chain of command and today's hit music charts, Now, Young is sharing the skills and resources she has gained along the way and helping people with all of their professional ventures. From expert business growth consultations to event curation, Young has the tools needed to be successful in any industry you are in.

I’m more than an A&R

Entrepreneurship and Entertainment go hand in hand. When you’re the marketing machine behind music’s biggest stars, you begin to learn how to build and grow products. I’m more than just an A&R, I am a businesswoman. My team and I have helped artists build their own companies from scratch so that they can begin their entrepreneurial journey outside of music.



I’ve always had a passion for teaching and after breaking some of the biggest acts in music, I have decided to pursue my passion by creating a workbook along a series of online courses that are meant to help you navigate the music industry. I just launched A&R University, where we are helping our students navigate the industry with tips from experts in the music industry.

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